Celebrating the 1969 Mets World Series Win

Hey guys, this is Alan and I've been a lifelong New York Mets fan for as long as I could remember. One of my earliest memories from childhood is actually the 1969 World Series - I was seven years old at the time, but I can still remember watching the the final game 5 on my grandfather's television set. When the Mets beat the Orioles to clinch the World Series title. I still remember my uncle Bob shouting and dancing on the fire escape and celebration, and blowing his trumpet as loud as he could ( which I don't think he ever actually learned to play).

I created 1969mets.com as a tribute to my favorite baseball team in history, as well is the place to discuss my favorite collectibles and other vintage memorabilia from that unforgettable "amazin'" season. as a fan who's collecting a fair share of 1969 Mets memorabilia over the years, I have quite a bit of tips and other tidbits that I think might enjoy hearing. I'm also hoping to create a section on the site where other fans of the 1969 Mets team and share their stories and thoughts on that most remarkable season - sort of like a "What were you doing the moment the Mets won the World Series?" - it's amazing how many people of all walks of life have vivid memories associated with that historic win, not just the hard-core Mets fans.

when it comes to collectible memorabilia from the 1969 Mets season, especially the World Series run, I've got a couple of perennial favorites that I feel are not only great investments, they will be treasured keepsakes that have tremendous appeal and interest for Proudly displaying in your home or office. 1969 World Series memorabilia is generally the most valuable of its kind in the last 50 years. You have to go back to the mid-1950s New York Yankees Brooklyn Dodgers World Series events to start seeing valuations in market demand higher than the 1969 New York Mets-Baltimore Orioles matchup.

Before the Mets legendary 1969 season, they did not finish any prior above .500. Mets pitching ace Tom Seaver stunned the newly formed National League with 25 wins along with the Cy Young Award of his young career. The New York Mets logged 100 wins and went on to defeat the Atlanta Braves for the National League pennant. By the time the autumn classic came around, the Orioles, by statistical comparison overpowered and outmatched the Mets on just about every aspect. The Mets ended up shocking the Sports World by taking the World Series in only 5 games. Even baseball "non-fans" will never forget that legendary win. The one player who arguably made the most impact and helped turn the tide for the 1969 Mets was pitching ace Tom Seaver. Celebrate the legacy of  Tom Seaver and the Miracle Mets of '69 with an Autographed, highly detailed,  historically accurate reproduction of the same game-worn 1969 Mets Tom Seaver "41" jersey that sold for over $40,000 at auction recently.  Made of the same flannel used in 1969, this jersey has the  'Mets' logo sewn in blue on orange felt script. Tom Terrific's "41" number is in orange  outlined blue-felt  and is sewn on the front and back of the jersey. Remember, real 1969 Mets Jersey's did NOT have the players name on them.

They defeated the heavily favored Orioles to win the World Series in their first-ever appearance The home jersey has two patches: one commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Professional Baseball, the other pictures the Mets' logo Jersey Number This authentic jersey will have the number 41 on it. This is the number worn by Tom Seaver with the 1969 New York Mets. Please note: the player's name is not on the jersey. Quality Construction Authentic Materials. Accurate detailing. Exceptional workmanship. These are the hallmarks of Mitchell and Ness' shirts, jackets, sweaters and felt pennants. This jersey is made of flannel and has 'Mets' sewn in blue on orange felt script. It also has the Major League Baseball 100th Anniversary patch on the right sleeve and the Mets' cityscape patch on the left sleeve. The player's number is in blue felt outlined in orange and is sewn on the front and back of the jersey. This